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Website Design / Dev

Yeah, "first impressions last". Your website is the virtual reception that interacts with your consumers about your brand. As the industry leaders in this digital age, we drive trends, we don’t follow them. We believe in building websites that streaches your brand beyond. Our full spectrum services include: performing detailed website audits that effectively improve site architecture, design, and responsiveness, coding, hosting and management, conversion optimisation and mobile development.

Digital strategy

We uniquely strategize your project specifically to your needs. We work closely with your team to develop a deep understanding of your organization, your industry and your competitive environment. Then we go even beyond your requirents, conducting thorough qualitative and quantitative research to develop a strategic plan designed to deliver web excellence. We mainly focus on key performance indicators, business objectives and user goals which makes it easy for us to strategize a successful implimentation on design.

Intergrations Solutions

Our developers are well vested in a couple of Programming languages like PHP, Pearl, JAVA, React.js, Node.js, HTML etc. We also intergrate conference or event templated / cookie cutter registration systems and if you need your forms to seamlessly integrate with your website look and feel or connect to your CRM software or payment gateway we will do it for you. If you also need a robust registration system that can handle a variety of different types of members and registration types within an already developed website, our team will intergrate it.

Website Mentainence

We are the company that delivers real results. Our website maintenance and support plans give you a peace of mind in knowing that your website is going to be running smoothly without any downtimes. Our website maintenance and support plans operate on a month to month basis, with a specified set of hours dedicated to each month and the pricing is competitive with services that are extensive. We use our inhouse help desk system to track and report any support tasks with you and your team.

Healthcare Systems

When you partner with us, you partner with an experienced, qualified and well talented in-house design team that’s committed to helping you not only achieve your healthcare project goals but exceed them with accuracy. We’ve had a couple of creative solution developments in the healthcare system since the beginning of our journey. Trends come and go and technology advances, and through it all we’ve developed an ever-evolving understanding of what different healthcare clients need.

Ordering CMS

Nowadays verything is moving towards customization, why should your service desk be left behind? Today virtualisation is becoming more personal to any organization. Our CMS will work with you to ensure that you meet your customer experience goals and place a full virtual store for you with Payments intergrated. After implimentation, our technical experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and provide best practices on processes with the agility your business expects.

Education Solutions

Because of our experience, we are consultant education solutions who provide an useful technology that can be implemented in learning and teaching system. We mostly specialise in in-house developments and our team of experts is well versed with the perfect blend of skills necessary to deliver world class solutions throughout any stage of a web development project. We offer the education solutions as complete package or as separate services.

Business Solutions

Due to the ever changing technological trends, most companies are in the process of automating, if not all processes within their company and also having complete audit trails of important process in certain departments. Web Profiles specialize in helping small and medium to large sized companies with business solutions from any nature. We have already pre-developed most financial management, HRM, payroll and operational solutions and our softwares are being used by a number of clients on a daily basis.

We are the right consulting partner in a complex world.

Why choose us

We all know technology is changing rapidly, all over the world, websites are another name for the internet and browsers and there is need for a professional to represent you.


We closely work with you to put together a comprehensive shared project plan,tailored to your requirements.


We are engaged in the web development activity as our main paid occupation rather than as a passive deal.

Hands on Experienced

Most of our members have been developing softwares for large organisations like Banks & Telecommunications.

Qualified Experts

The least qualified person in Web Profiles development team holds a B.Tech in Computer Science.